Festival screenings

We are thrilled to announce the following Anti-Social Limited theatrical screenings with director Rosie Dransfeld and main character Chris Hoard.

Host a Screening Of Anti-Social Limited

Thank you for your interest in hosting a screening of Anti-Social Limited. At this time, we are compiling a list of individuals and organizations who would like to screen Anti-Social Limited. However, screenings will not be able to take place until the Fall of 2014. We still encourage you to submit your screening request, and will work with you to determine a Fall screening date.

Community screening resources

Canadian & International screenings

For screening in your home or community, fill out our screening submission form. If you have already emailed us, we will be in touch shortly to confirm your screening and answer any questions you may have. To contact us directly, email antisocial@idproductions.ca

Payment model & donations

If you are hosting a free event, we do not ask for a screening fee, but ask that you pay the cost of the DVD ($20 plus shipping). You keep the DVD. You can also download the film at a cost of $10 (fastest way, and recommended for everyone – saves on shipping and is better for the environment). We can subsidize the download cost if this is prohibitive. If you are hosting a public screening and charging for tickets, requesting donations for entry, or using the event as a fundraiser, we ask that you buy the film, and gift a percentage of the ticket sales to us – we suggest 50/50. If you have high venue costs you could bring this down to 35%.

Other types of screenings


Request that your local library, school or university buy Anti-Social Limitedfor their collection — this will make it available to everyone in your community! Direct them to antisocial@idproductions.ca for more info.

Festivals and organizations

The above guidelines are for community screening hosts. If you want to screenAnti-Social Limited as part of a festival or other public event, please email us at antisocial@idproductions.ca. We are happy to work with your standard arrangements.