Jan 27

So here i am a career criminal…it’s not like i had a choice in the matter.i became a criminal not because it was cool or that some useless rat of a rapper made it look cool.i became one in order to feed myself and to put a roof over my head and if i had the choice i would of loved to of made something of myself.what pisses me off is all these punk ass kids trying to become criminals.all these future rats and snitchs try to live up to even bigger goofs and snitches in the form of these rappers.first they wear these pants that are to big for them to wear so when they run across someone like me they can’t run or fight because they’re effing pants are hanging past their ass’.second is when they do get caught then they find out that being a criminal isn’t all bitches and cash…and that as a criminal you’ll do some time in jail…than they rat out others.they never hear the line of if your going to do the crime be prepared to do the time.third is that when they do piss off someone like me and they go from getting a beating to them pulling out a shank or a gun than they also have to be prepared to  spend some time in the hospital or worse.forth is the fact that they’re pussies just like the rappers that they listen too…ie that little wayne clown or for that matter anyone of them that raps just how cool they are when they used to be poor…when they go to jail they go to p.c (protective custody..thats where all the rats,and rape hounds and pedophiles go to do time)and they need 5 of more guys and weapons to back they’;re play…in other words all those pussy ass gangs that are around.a psychopath like me feasts on them.finally the worse thing that comes from all of this crap is the fact that as the criminals get more and more stupid SO DOES THE COPS..its no fun for a psychopath like me to keep playing because its like getting into a slap fight with a guy that has no in other words to all those parents out there…DO YOUR DAM JOB and be a parent not a friend or a buddy but a parent and keep your retarted kids off the street.