Jan 27

So yesterday was my birthday and my 39th b-day at that.i never ever thought that i’d live long enough to see that i ended up running into an old chick that knew me back in the i came to know this chick was because her and her friend were being pimped out by some popcorn gang.these chicks eneded up telling me of a night they were invited to a party only to be forced to strip and be when i was told of this i wasnt in jail at the time,but that was going to i ended up acting and walked through this gang in the next few days after i was told of this situation that happened.i not only walked through this gang but i ended up stomping through this as time went by i heard that these girls ended up going back to school and shit while i ended up in youth jail.i kept in touch with one of them while i was in jail till one day i called and ended up talking to her mother in which i was informed that the cops were called cause she went missing.well that pissed me off but i was in jail what could i do…?well me being me went to the dude running the place and informed him that i was leaving.he countered in by telling me to let the cops do thier job in which i told him that the cops couldnt catch a hoe in a whore house.than he surpised me by allowing me to go and find this girl and to leave the jail that i was vacationing i had only 6 hours or so before i was going to be reported awall from the that 6 hours i kicked ass and had a ball.i stuck heads into urinals i cracked heads with pool sticks and i sent peeps to hospitals during this 6 hours rampage.i didnt find her in that 6 hours but when i got back to the jail i was informed by the warden and other jailers that there was a message for me and that was message was that she was home safe and was told that she would never be bothered after all these years i run back into her again and she’s all weepy and crap and i asked her to please check her feelings and stuff at the door.then out of the blue she asked me why i never talked to her again after all that i did..?”cause you had a family that was worried for you and your mother asked me too and i thought that after all that you went through that you couldnt talk to someone like me” with everything that i’ve done in my past the things that i went through and i still cant believe that i’m still here….