Jan 27

I was walking down the sidewalk on a cold crispy day…it was just one of those days your find yourself waiting…waiting it to finally snow to signal winter is here….waiting or news… waiting for money just basically waiting…so as i walk to the library to wait to use a computer to write this i notice a group of kids in the school yard yelling and screaming…retards…as i walk i hear “HI”…only to look over and see some gangly goofy kid wearing glasses looking art me and repeating “HI” again and this time waving to me…wtf..i shake my head and start to keep on walking only to throw a quick glance back to reaffirm… as i thought… the kid was surrounded by the other kids and now he was being laughed at and picked on…i know that feeling all to well…FUCK ME…so i turn back around and walk towards the kids in general…its a fast pissed off i got something to destroy walk…..all the kids just stop and stare at me as i come…the goofy kid turns around and freezes…like i guess what a dear caught in headlights looks like…just all of these ankle biters are all just staring at me…i look at all of them through the chain link fence like i looking for the best chunk of burger at the food store…i look all of them over and the stare back in pure fear and just all locked up…i look down at the goofy kid and hes about to shit himself…i take of my shades and prop them up on my head..i rub my hand together as im about to squeeze the life out of this runt…i reach into my jacket pocket and pull out some gum…i look down at the goofy kid and just blow every ones mind…”sup little man”is what i ask and the kid just still frozen but was quick to recover cause he got his wish..he got the one thing he was needed at the moment…me to waste a MINUTE of my time…

not much just in school you know is what he answers back to me…i pull out two pieces of gum out of wrappers…”cool, cool little man good to see and you better be doing damn good in school or else…”i put the two pieces in my mouth and the goofy kid answers back…” no worries I think i’m doing good”… awesome…listen little man i got to fly but say hi to your parents and you be cool in school little man and remember if you need anything little man i always got your back…and i give him a nod of the head….like as if we both knew all this was pure bullshit and now it was all up to him to pull what he imagined off….so a few days later i was walking to the same library on the same road about the same time…”HEY”..i look around and see the goofy kid looking at me through he chained fence again…this time he wasnt surrounded but alone…he waved at me… he was happy. you could see he had confidence about him now…those same kids a few days ago were picking on him were now playing with him…in his world, rolls reversed and now hes the one people want to hang with and now he can be a kid and have fun…funny the things you can do in a minute….